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Elites Commercial Snow and Lawn Terms and Updates




Snowfalls that are of a continuous nature occurring between the hours of 3:00 A.M. to 7:00 A.M. will be handled in the most efficient manner possible based on time limits, traffic obstructions and weather events.

Elites’ lawn and Snow will make reasonable efforts to open areas prior to 7:00 A.M. so long as weather and time permit. The location of snow piles will be designated by the owner prior to execution of contract. If locations are not designated, Elites will use its best judgement in determining where snow is to be piled. Loss of parking spaces due to snow accumulations shall not be a responsibility of Elites. During snowfalls occurring after 3:00 A.M., priority will be given to ingress/egress, docks, and sidewalk entrances.

A one-time clean-up will be scheduled at the earliest convenient time. Additional clean-up requests will be billed at current time and material rates.

This contract has a 32" cap annually on snow accumulation during the contract term. Snow accumulations above the 32" cap will be billed at current time and material rates. Any Blizzard events that are billed at time and material will not count against the 32" cap.


Elites will not plow within 2-3' of any obstruction including vehicles, garage doors, fences, buildings, and debris containers. We will make reasonable efforts to clear around obstructions. We will not remove snow or chemically treat areas around or adjacent to parked vehicles, which includes both plowing and hand shoveling.


Blizzard conditions are any snowfall more than seven (7) inches and/or as defined by the National Weather Services as a storm which contains large amounts of snow or blowing snow. Blizzard conditions will be billed at the current time and material hourly rates. Elites will make every effort to keep drives, parking areas and sidewalks accessible. The owner agrees to allow at Elites’ discretion, clearing of blizzard conditions at current time and material rates.


Freezing rain conditions will be billed at current time and material rates. Freezing rain conditions are unpredictable by nature and can use an excessive amount of de-icing material. In particular, less traveled areas which may include parking lots, sidewalks, walkways, and/or sections of these areas, are difficult to successfully treat with one-application. Due to the unpredictability of freezing rain all services will be billed at time and material rates.


After the snow event has ended and our snow operation has completed the removal process, high winds for an extended period can cause an additional accumulation of snow within the designated removal area. This can include snow blown from a rooftop, open areas, or fields, or drifting within the property. Current time and material rates will apply to all blowing and drifting situations.


If relocation is needed to remove excessive snow accumulations off site or within the current property, current time and material charges will apply with written approval. Elites will make every attempt during snow operations to pile snow in designated areas to allow for the least amount of lost parking or hard surface space as possible.



An all-inclusive contract is not considered a zero-tolerance contract. This type of contract includes snow clearing and de-icing services to designated areas of contract properties during weather events. The thawing and refreezing of snow, excessive blowing and drifting are not considered weather events. All-inclusive contracts do not include ice checks, snow relocation and de-icing during times when a weather event has not occurred. We monitor weather conditions by our DTN Satellite radar system. Continental Weather Service provides Elites with accumulation totals which keeps us abreast of any snow activity.


When Elites is authorized to de-ice at our discretion, de-icing operations will commence immediately after plowing operations; based upon weather conditions, temperature, and/or any other factor that would inhibit the effectiveness of the product or safety of the crew. Deicing is applied by truck mounted spreaders to ensure efficient and environmentally friendly coverage. We offer typical ice melt products. Because deicers are a commodity at times, shortages may exist. If shortages occur, clients will be notified or pricing adjusted to the contract. The owner acknowledges snow and ice conditions are natural occurring "Acts of Mother Nature" and that neither party has control of slippery conditions that will likely be present during the event and could be present at any point throughout the winter season.


Due to the corrosive nature of deicers Elites will not be responsible for any damage to lawns, concrete, or metal caused from the use of any ice melting product. In the spring, Elites will repair any turf areas with soil and seed that are damaged by our plow trucks or equipment.


Elites will maintain the following types of insurance: complete automotive coverage and general liability in commercially reasonable coverage amounts. Elites will provide the Owner a Certificate of Insurance upon request: General Liability - $70,000 Automobile Liability $1,000,000 Umbrella Liability $2,000,000.


Invoicing for monthly accounts will occur on the 20th and are due on the 1st day of the billing month connected to the contract.

In the event the account is not paid within 30 days, the Customer shall pay to Elites a service charge of (18%APR) on all past due amounts. In the event your account is placed for collections, all associated collection costs and reasonable attorney’s fees will be charged to your account. If any invoice is unpaid within 30 days and a letter has not been sent for dispute of said invoice, Elites may refuse future services, as well as any claim of dispute of said invoice until all past due invoices are paid in full. The owner agrees that any discrepancies with regard to invoiced amount must be disputed within fourteen (14) days of the date of such invoice (the "Dispute Period") by providing written notice of such dispute to Elites and that any right to dispute any such invoiced amount if not raised within said fourteen (14) day period shall be deemed waived.




In the absence of notice of a new rate as provided herein, and unless either party serves notice of the intention to terminate the contract before August 15th, this contract shall automatically be renewed for successive one-year terms, at the prior year's rate.


In the event the Customer is dissatisfied with said services, the Customer must give Elites 30 days' written notice to correct the problem. If the problem is not corrected within said 30 days, then the Customer has the right to cancel this agreement upon payment of all accrued charges.

This is a two-year agreement and may be canceled only upon the following conditions:

l ) By the Customer, if Elites has not corrected any problems as set forth in the above paragraph of this agreement.

  1. By the Customer, upon 30 days' written notice if the premises is sold and payment is made of all accrued charges.

  2. By Elites, upon 10 days written notice if the Owner is delinquent for 30 days in payment of the monthly charges. This agreement shall insure the benefit and be binding on the parties, heirs, executors, administrators, assignees, and successors of the parties. This agreement contains the entire understanding of the parties that no statements, promises, or inducements made by either party or agent that are not contained in this written agreement shall not be valid or binding. In the event of a dispute between the parties, then the status of any litigation shall be in Winnebago County, Illinois, and laws of Illinois shall govern.


Snow and ice are natural occurring events and Elites will not be responsible for personal injury or property/vehicle damage which occurs as a result of drifting, melting, or re-freezing snow and ice on any areas covered within this contract The owner shall hereby agree to save and hold harmless Elites from any actions brought against it relating to injury or damage resulting from such conditions. Owner understands that plowing (or de-icing) at a particular location may not clear the area to "bare pavement" and that slippery conditions may continue to prevail even after plowing (or application of de-icing). This is a natural occurring condition. Any limitations of service (including de-icing quantities, hours of operation, or equipment) whether verbal or written by Owner or Owner's agent releases Elites of all liability within terms of the contract.



Elites’ performance obligations are subject to parking lots and sidewalks being adequately maintained without defect. Pavement and sidewalk conditions can create poor drainage and the inability to scrape clean which can lead to puddling and affect the timely clearing of snow from the property.


Any damage to lawns or concrete due to corrosiveness of ice melting products, will not be the responsibility of Elites. It will be the responsibility of the Owner or Owner's Agent to inform Elites of any other conditions that may require additional service by Elites caused from drifting, icing, loss of visibility, thawing or refreezing, so services can be provided within a 24-hour period after a call from Owner or Owner's Agent. Elites will not be responsible for damage to sprinkler systems, water valves, ornamental lights, sewer caps, catch basins or any other such item that is unmarked or unseen due to snow covered conditions or property Owner's failure to notify in writing of such items. The owner's agent will report in writing any property damage caused by Elites within forty-eight (48) hours. We will repair timely and properly reported property damage in the Spring season following the season in which the property damage occurred. Elites will have no obligation, and the Owner waives any damages for, property damages not timely and properly reported. Due to the nature of the snow removal process, scrapes and marring of asphalt, concrete and curbing are to be expected and unavoidable. Such scrapes and marring will not be the responsibility of Elites. The pressure of excessive snowfall accumulations and drifting snow can cause damage to garage and overhead doors. Elites will not be responsible for damage to doors due to excessive snowfall and

drifting snow.






Our landscape management service for your property begins March 15th through November 15th. We conform to professional horticultural practices and climatic conditions. This is subject to change due to weather, holidays, or other uncontrollable circumstances.



Spring cleanup consists of the removal of accumulated fall and winter debris from turf and tree areas. Contractor will blow and rake turf where it is matted or damaged. The Contractor will clean and haul away all landscape related debris from walks, drives, and curbs on the jobsite. All trees and shrubs (under 12 feet) will be inspected for disease and damaged branches. Mulch may be provided to bed areas for an additional fee at the request of the Client at additional cost.



Turf will be maintained at approximately a three (3) inch height or as climatic conditions dictate. All mower blades will be maintained and sharpened regularly to maintain an even cut. Walks and curbs will be mechanically trimmed. Litter will be collected and removed from landscaped areas during each visit. Owner may be notified of excessive debris (including cigarette butts) that will be removed at an additional charge. Walk and drives will be left clear of grass clippings and debris. Grass clippings will not be removed from the turf except when accumulation becomes detrimental to the health and appearance of the turf at the discretion of Contractor.



All plant material will be inspected during maintenance visits to determine the need for pruning.  Shrubs to be pruned in a manner to maintain the existing look of the plant in June and is included in the pricing. If a client requests rejuvenation or hard pruning other than fall clean-up, this service can be provided at an additional cost.  All shade and ornamental trees up to 12 feet height should be pruned to correct any low hanging or broken branches up to a 4" diameter that impede pedestrian traffic on sidewalks, obstruct cars in parking lots, and block any signage.



All turf will be fertilized at 4 applications per year. If additional weed control is needed it will be at Owners expense.  Early spring fertilizer with pre­ emergence crabgrass control to aid in the prevention of crabgrass is recommended.  Summer and fall are fertilizer only.  The last application is a post emergent before winter.


FALL CLEAN UP (November)

Turf will be mowed at an appropriate height to help prevent matting from snowfall. Perennials will be cut back as required. Leaves will be blown from turf and bed areas will also be performed. Leaves in the turf areas will be mulched back into the turf using mulching style mower blades.

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