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Do you know a Senior or a VET that could use a yard makeover?

For those who have taken care of us, We will take care of them. (Thier yard)

Once a Month Elites Lawncare will pick a Veteran or Senior Citizen that is nominated to have a complete yard makeover.   Whether it's neglected or just needs a little extra love, you can nominate a senior or veteran and if chosen we will take care of it.    We want you to tell us WHY they deserve a yard makeover below. Everyone is deserving of a place they can sit and relax, or just walk out into and we would love to help get them back to feeling good about going outside or pulling up to their home.  Take some time and tell us why they deserve to be picked and follow our facebook page to see who is chosen each month.   Winner will be chosen the 25th of each month

Let’s Work Together

Give us the story of why they deserve a Yard Makeover

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