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Elites Terms and updates

Elites Terms and Conditions 2023



All residential clients will need to provide a credit or debit card that is securely stored on file and will be charged on Sunday the week of service. If you are not a reoccurring client, you will be provided an invoice and the invoice must be paid before service is scheduled. (Checks, PayPal, cash app, Zelle are not accepted forms of payment) For commercial clients, In the event the account is not paid via card or ACH within 7 days, the Client shall pay Elites all past due amounts, and a service charge of 1.5% (I 8%APR). In the event your account is placed for collection, all associated collection costs and reasonable attorney's fees will be charged to your account.



In the absence of notice of either party serving notice of the intention to terminate the contract, any contract shall automatically renew for successive one-year terms, if there is a price adjustment the client will be notified.



In the event the Client is dissatisfied with said services, the Client can call, or email Elites and we will correct the problem. If the problem is not corrected the Client has the right to cancel their     agreement upon payment of all accrued charges.  Any agreement may be canceled with or without cause upon 7 days’ written notice by either party (unless contract states otherwise). That agreement will become null, and void and all services rendered will become due and payable within the terms of any agreement. All correspondence regarding cancellation shall be done via email or mail.



Elites will maintain the following types of insurance:

Complete automotive coverage and general liability in commercially reasonable coverage amounts.

General Liability - $1,000,000 - Automobile Liability - $75,000 - Umbrella Liability - $1,000,000.

We will provide the Client a Certificate of Insurance upon request. 



Our landscape management service begins April 1st and goes through November 15th. We conform to professional horticultural practices and climatic conditions. This is subject to change due to weather, holidays, or other uncontrollable circumstances.    During the months of April and November, attention will be concentrated on Spring Cleanup and Fall Cleanup activities. Elites (Contractor) will furnish the labor, materials, tools, and equipment necessary to perform work and duties in a workmanship-like manner creating as little disruption as possible to Client.  Elites will perform all services in accordance with the highest standards of horticultural excellence.

Dog Owners.: We love dogs, but unfortunately, they cannot be in the yard during servicing.  We also need the dog feces to be cleaned up before servicing, If there is excessive feces we will not mow that area. If it continues we will skip that area. However your standard charge applies. If we miss the pile of dog feces and our mower needs to be cleaned the customer will get a $25 fee. 



Spring clean-up consists of the removal of accumulated fall and winter debris from turf and tree areas. Elites will clean and haul away all landscape related debris from walks, drives, and curbs on the jobsite. Mulch may be provided to bed areas for an additional fee at the request of the Client.



Turf will be maintained at approximately a three (3) inch height or as climatic conditions dictate. All mower blades will be maintained and sharpened regularly to maintain an even cut. Walks and curbs will be mechanically trimmed. Litter will be collected and removed from landscaped areas during each visit. The owner may be notified of excessive debris or Dog Feces that will be removed at an additional charge. Walk and drives will be left clear of grass clippings and debris. Grass clippings will be removed from the turf except when accumulation becomes detrimental to the health and appearance of the turf at the discretion of Elites.



Elites will not be held responsible for damage to siding, air conditioning units/lines, lamp posts, mailbox pedestals, etc. where an object directly abuts maintained turf and there is the potential to be damaged while completing the services outlined in any agreement. If turf directly abuts any of these areas, Contractor will provide cost to client to remove 12" of turf and add mulch to create a buffer area to protect your investment and greatly reduce the potential for damage. If buffer creation is not approved, Contractor will not trim or mow withing 12 inches of those items.



All plant material will be inspected during maintenance visits to determine the need for pruning.  Shrubs to be pruned in a manner to maintain the existing look of the plant. If a client requests rejuvenation or hard pruning, this service can be provided at an additional cost.  All shade and ornamental trees up to 12 feet height should be pruned to correct any low hanging or broken branches up to a 4" diameter that impede pedestrian traffic on sidewalks, obstruct cars in parking lots, and block any signage.



All turf will be fertilized at clients request at an additional cost otherwise specified by the Owner. Early spring fertilizer with pre­ emergence crabgrass control to aid in the prevention of crabgrass is recommended.  Summer and fall are fertilizer only.  


FALL CLEAN UP (November)

Turf will be mowed at an appropriate height to help prevent matting from snowfall. Annuals will be removed. Perennials will be cut back as required. Removal of leaves from turf and bed areas will also be performed. Leaves in the turf areas will be mulched back into the turf using mulching style mower blades.



Snow and ice management begins December 1 through March 31st, if snowfalls occur before or after that timeframe there may be additional charges. Our crew will be dispatched at a reasonable amount of time once the snow accumulation reaches 2 inches (unless otherwise stated in contract) Snowfalls that are continuous in nature will be handled in the most efficient manner possible based on time limits, obstruction and weather events. For commercial properties salting will occur during every snowfall as well as during icy and frigid conditions as warranted.  We will remove snow within 3-4' of any obstruction including vehicles, garage doors, fences, buildings and debris containers.


SNOW Other: If snow accumulation causes the snow to be a barrier and there is nowhere to move the snow to.  Elites will need to hire someone to remove the snow from the premises and that will be at the cost of the client.

Blizzard conditions are any snowfall in excess of eight (8) inches and/or as defined by the National Weather Services as a storm which contains large amounts of snow or blowing snow. Blizzard conditions will be billed at a higher rate. Elites will make every effort to keep drives, parking areas and sidewalks accessible. The owner agrees to allow at Elites’ discretion, clearing of blizzard conditions.



In 2023, Elites will be offering ALL INCLUSIVE LAWN CARE .......Everything listed below for a weekly price*.  



-Spring Clean up 



-Bush Trimming

-Large weed pulling

-Fall Clean up 


That means no more stress about your lawn, no more budget changes, no bigger clean up prices and mostly no more searching for multiple companies.  Elites can do it all - Call us for your weekly rate 815-540-4604 or request and estimate.


The ALL INCLUSIVE LAWN CARE saves our clients on average 11% or more. 


We do anticipate that there will be a 8-10% increase in cost as the cost of everything continues to go up.  Minimum increases are $5, That is another reason to sign up for the ALL-INCLUSIVE LAWN CARE to save $. 

* All-inclusive customers have a weekly payment of all services divided within the season, if you decide to switch or cancel service you will be required to pay for the services rendered for the season at normal cost and that will be charged the day of cancellation.  Seasonal clean ups do not include clean ups needed after a storm. That will be an additional cost once the storm occurs. One service will be done every week. 

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