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You can rely on Elites' experts for dedicated fertilizing services for your residential or commercial property needs. Each plan and treatment is designed to ensure that your home stays green and beautiful, complete with all the services your lawn needs to look its best tailored to each season.


You can feel confident that our Team will take care of your property and your reputation in the neighborhood. All of our staff are eager to help your yard become the yard of your dreams. You will find our team in PINK shirts EVERY time they are on your lawn.  



We are available to chat, email via our website contact form, or by phone! Contact us today!

You can also find us on Facebook, Instagram, google, You Tube  and  thumbtack.

Dollar Bills

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We have a standardized pricing system for all of our services. Fill in the contact form or call an Elites office near you to receive a free estimate within 24 hours.

After each service, you will receive an emailed invoice and the most convenient part is your card is charged after the service, so you don't have to hassle with remembering to pay the bill.

  1. Expertise: Our professionals have the knowledge and experience to determine the specific fertilizer and application rate that is best for your lawn based on factors such as soil type, climate, and grass type.

  2. Equipment: Our professionals have access to specialized equipment, such as spreaders, that can evenly and accurately apply fertilizer to your lawn.

  3. Time-saving: Hiring ELITES to fertilize your lawn can save you time, as it can be a time-consuming task to do it yourself.

  4. Safety: Fertilizers can be harmful if not handled or applied properly. We have the knowledge and equipment to safely and effectively apply fertilizers, reducing the risk of damage to your lawn or harm to yourself and your family.

Overall, having a professional fertilize your lawn can ensure that your lawn is properly nourished and healthy.

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